Crisis PR and social networks:

Why silence is not gold?

Good communication is important in the days when everything goes well, but even more important in the days when things go downhill.

Although crises have always occurred, advances in technology and social networks have become more pronounced and more dangerous than ever. Silence ceased to be gold, and in front of a growing auditorium that wants information right now, position of silence has taken the readiness to respond to crisis situations in the right way.

Ljubica Soldo from Degordian team will present on Play Media Day 03 what are the aspects of the crisis on social networks, how to deal with them and what can all of us learn from examples of domestic and international famous brands. Make sure your company is ready for this situation and your brand ready to go out of the crisis as a winner.

Ljubica Soldo, is Master of Economics. After graduation she joined the team of Degordian, one of the leading agencies in the field of digital marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is working at the position of Account executive for 4 years. Together with her team, she is leading digital marketing campaigns and projects, monitoring and analyzing their effects, and creating strategies for performing on the digital market for clients such as dm drogerie markt BiH, Dr. Oetker, Raiffeisen Bank BIH, Dukat, President, Telemach, Mepas Mall, Techno Shop, and others.

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