Fredrik Öst i Erik Kockum:

“Make Enemies & Gain Fans”

Fredrik Öst and Erik Kockum, from the SNASK agency from Stockholm, will have an inspirational lecture on Play Media Day 03 and reveal the secret to the success of the projects that have been implemented for big world companies. If brands are afraid to make enemies they will never make real fans either, and today fans become ambassadors/influencers are a main driving force for brands.

“When you make something no one hates, no one loves it. Companies and brands of today have to have opinions and stand up for them. They also have to learn how to stand out in a world that is increasingly becoming cluttered with noise. We will talk you through our unique way of working with brands and making sure they push through the noise”, said Fredrik Öst and Erik Kockum.

SNASK is an internationally known creative agency that deals with branding, design and film. For the second consecutive year, they are listed on Top 50 list of global companies that creators would “kill” to work for, in company with companies such as Tesla, NASA, SpaceX, Apple, Google and many others.

“We strive to challenge the industry by doing things differently. We worship unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real emotions. We see the old conservative world as extremely tedious and as our biggest enemy”, that’s the main vision of SNASK.

They wrote a book “Make Enemies & Gain Fans: The true and unraveling story about SNASK” in 72 hours. “This is an action-packed journey of our first five years in the business. The story of how we started to paint the world pink and realized that we do it pretty damn well. It is an action-packed journey about making it big through branding, pink lies, bold ideas, great design and loads of fun. Praised by design gurus as well as business owners and management consultants.”

Fredrik Öst is the founder and creative director of the agency, while his partner Erik Kockum is an Account Executive. More information about their work can be found at

The regional communication event – Play Media Day 03 will be held on June 8, 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS in Banja Luka. Details of tickets, as well as the event, program and lecturers can be found at
Do not miss a unique mix of education and entertainment! Communication is limitless! See you on Play Media Day 03.

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