Iva Obrovac: Successsfull combination of

digital marketing campaign channels!

Iva Obrovac leads the marketing team of 404 agency from Zagreb, and at this year’s Play Media Day 03 she will reveal how to successfully combine digital marketing campaign channels. She will show us will talk about how do different advertising channels work together towards the same campaign or business goal and why companies should always consider going cross-channel to cover full consumer journey and micro-moments.

The main point of the presentation we’ll be put on defining digital advertising strategy through a marketing framework for which you should always predefine different tactics, creatives and targeting for different customer journey stages. Today a lot of companies only cover Do stage in the customer journey and don’t cover any other stages. Earlier you start connecting with your customers, the sooner the brand affinity will begin. We’ll talk about creatives, channels, targeting and how to setup KPI’s correctly. In the end we’ll share a couple of tips for what to do if your campaign is working ok or not working at all.

Iva Obrovac has over five years of experience in digital marketing. Since 2015. she is a Google Certified Trainer that has handled numerous offline and online training sessions for agencies, business individuals and students. She is often a guest lecturer at Faculties and speaker at conferences.

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