Maja Rakovic:

Has the Radio won the Internet?

When television appeared, everyone said the radio had come to an end! The same thing happened with the appearance of the Internet! However, the Internet only gave the radio its wings and literally opened the door to the world. Today, a local radio station can be heard at each end of the planet, and usually only one click away from it.

Still, what kind of radio is suitable for Internet? How to make a successful radio format according to the criteria of modern man and his needs, how does the world’s modern radio station work and how is it promoted to reach as many people as possible?

Maja Rakovic, the owner and editor-in-chief of Naxi Radio and the president of the radio association RAB Serbia, will answer on all these questions on Play Media Day 03, which will give us the best insight into the Balkan radio scene.

Maja Rakovic was born on January 25, 1960 in Belgrade, and she graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Sociology. She is at the position of Director and Editor-in-Chief of Naxi Radio since its founding, 1994. Maja used the experience gained over the years at the Federal Statistical Office to develop a unique program scheme and concept that Naxi radio made the most listened to in our area. She is the author of numerous radio shows, and on her initiative, Naxi Radio is becoming a partner of the BBC and Deutche Welle. Since 2010, she has been the President of the Association of radio stations RAB Serbia and the organizer of the Radio Days of Serbia.

The owner and editor-in-chief of Naxi Radio, Maja Rakovic is the winner of the RSG Radio Award from Sarajevo, for contributing to the improvement of regional media cooperation. Within the action “People for New Time”, the media press “Ani pres” and Plus radio from Pirot, with the support of the local self-government Pirot, awarded Maja Rakovic with award “Iskorak”, as the president of RAB Serbia in 2015. He also was awarded with “Success Flower for Dragon Woman – Special Award for a Successful Business Model”.

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