The communication event Play Media Day 04 was held on June 7 and brought together about 1,000 local and regional visitors. Representatives of the media, companies, creative agencies, institutions, as well as numerous students, did not cover the enthusiasm of a rich program of events. 18 lectures and 4 panels were held in three conference halls filled with participants.

Play Media Day 04, a regional communication event, started today in Banja Luka in the CineStar 4DX Delta Planet. The program takes place simultaneously in three conference sales – Uran, Merkur and Jupiter, which is present with a total of four attractive panels, as well as 18 lectures by top foreign, regional and domestic experts, with plenty of additional content for all visitors.

The latest preparations for the start of the communication event Play Media Day 04 are done, which will be held tomorrow in the CineStar 4DX Delta Planet in Banja Luka! This already recognizable educational event will bring together representatives of the most influential regional and local media companies, creative agencies and companies that will position Banja Luka as a center of the creative industry of the region for one day! Play Team, the event organizer has prepared the best program so far, with about 40 lecturers and panelists!

The regional communication event, Play Media Day, will be held for the fourth time in Banja Luka on June 7, 2019, and will offer all participants the best program so far! A new attractive event location is the CineStar multiplex in Banja Luka, which will soon open its doors to visitors within the Delta Planet Center.

Regional communication event Play Media Day 03, held on June 8th in Banja Luka, prepared a lot of activations and gifts for the participants, provided by the partners of this year’s event! Play & Win was a part of the program that was welcomed by many visitors, who were truly surprised by the gifts.

The regional communication event Play Media Day 03 gathered in Banja Luka on June 8, more than 500 representatives of media, companies, creative agencies, institutions, as well as numerous students, who attended lectures, workshops and panels in the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS, from more than 30 world, regional and local experts.

Summer begins after Play Media Day 03 event! Pack your suitcases and treat yourself and your loved one! Enjoy a wonderful ambiance and create new memories.

Every year, this event attracts more and more students from both BiH and the region, so Mtel, the partner of the event, will give free tickets for the luckiest students!

Don’t miss a unique mix of education and entertainment at Play Media Day 03!

Iva will show us will talk about how do different advertising channels work together towards the same campaign or business goal and why companies should always consider going cross-channel to cover full consumer journey and micro-moments.

When television appeared, everyone said the radio had come to an end! The same thing happened with the appearance of the Internet! However, the Internet only gave the radio its wings and literally opened the door to the world.

Teleklik – Internet & Solution Provider has also supported the Play Media Day regional communication event this year.

Play Media Day 03 presents three panel discussions that will attract the attention of the visitors at the regional communication event on June 08 in Banja Luka!

All visitors at Play Media Day 03 event, which will be held on June 8 in Banja Luka, will have the opportunity to win an official phone of the event – Huawei P20!

Although crises have always occurred, advances in technology and social networks have become more pronounced and more dangerous than ever. Silence ceased to be gold, and in front of a growing auditorium that wants information right now, position of silence has taken the readiness to respond to crisis situations in the right way.

Aside from being a lecturer, author and coach, Jean-Christophe Bonis is an eternal hunter for innovative projects.

How can designer think about the time in which he lives, learn how no to be misused, to distinguish good from bad, to explore how to express his creativity when there is no contractor, rather than just your personal need to speak out! In short, ask yourself: How to be a designer in these challenging times?!

Marketing Expert from the Pristop Group, Sašo Dimitrievski will explain, on Play Media Day 03, why creativity is more important than ever, and what this new creativity demands from us and where is it going.

Founder and CEO of agency Represent System will comment on all the changes that have taken place in the world and business since 2000.

The “Play Media Day” regional communication event, was presented from 15-17. April at Zlatibor in the framework of the “Radio days” spring conference, organized by RAB Serbia.

We expected a lot from digital marketing. And what did we get? Is there a digital agency today? If so, what is it and what is the role of agency? Does such agency has a future?

Play Team and Prointer are inviting bloggers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region, to join and become part of the Play Media Day Digital Team!

Together with the official partner coworking space Smart Office, we made it possible, for the participants of the event, to stay and work in this attractive space during the Play Media Day 03.

The luckiest visitors of Play Media Day 03 will have the opportunity to win online courses, which will be provided by The LINK group.

Nikola Jokić, founder and CTO of Digital Assets Power Play, will have a lecture on the “Blockchain Guide for carefree” on Play Media Day 03, which will try to get closer to blockchain technology and its applications in real life.

Fredrik Öst and Erik Kockum, from the SNASK agency from Stockholm, will have an inspirational lecture on Play Media Day 03 and reveal the secret to the success of the projects that have been implemented for big world companies.

The first part of the Regional Communication Event program is presented

Great interest of students for this year’s event in Banja Luka!

Play Media Day 03 – Regional communication event, will be held on June 8, 2018 in the premises of the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS in Banja Luka and will gather representatives of regional companies and agencies, as well as media outlets in one place.

The regional communication event Play Media Day 02 fulfilled the expectations of around 500 participants, but also lecturers and panelists who exchanged knowledge and gained new acquaintances in Banja Luka.

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