Nikola Jokić:

„Blockchain Guide for carefree“

At the intersection between technology, economics, social structures, mathematics and cryptography, there was blockchain. Nikola Jokić, founder and CTO of Digital Assets Power Play, will have a lecture on the “Blockchain Guide for carefree” on Play Media Day 03, which will try to get closer to blockchain technology and its applications in real life.

“Join us in demystifying the term blockchain on the Play Media Day where we will together learn more, in a carefree way, and explore how to use technology to improve the quality of our lives,” said Jokić.

Virtual currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoins are already well-known, and experts believe that in 2018, they could enter regular use. But, besides bringing it in financial market news, technologies that are developing in the background of virtual currencies could foster further development of cyber security, data storage, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

One of these technologies is a blockchain that found its application in other areas, far from virtual currencies. 2018 was declared the blockchain year and should bring more and more products based on blockchain technology, as well as its widespread use in other industries. It is said that this novelty in the IT world is a “revolutionary technology that has made everything possible.” It is predicted that the blockchain, just like internet, will further alter our lives, so it is explored by banks, but also governments of many countries, and that blockchain will change many industries over the next five to ten years.

Nikola Jokić is the Founder/CTO of Digital Assets Power Play (, first Croatian ICO with current market cap over $29mil, management board member and co-founder of Croatian Union for blockchain & cryptocurrencies.
Nikola is a professional “Jack of all trades”, father of two, college dropout with combined 6 years of studying physics and economy, amateur astronomer, game developer, DJ, skydiver with 24 jumps, entrepreneur, occasional drum player focused on developing distributed systems and hyper-enthusiastic about tokenized future of trust.
He arrives in Banja Luka to talk about life, blockchain, people and technology.

The regional communication event – Play Media Day 03 will be held on June 8, 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS in Banja Luka. Details of tickets, as well as the event, program and lecturers can be found at
Do not miss a unique mix of education and entertainment! Communication is limitless! See you on Play Media Day 03.

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