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gifts for the luckiest visitors!

The luckiest visitors of Play Media Day 03 will have the opportunity to win online courses, which will be provided by The LINK group. For more than 20 years, this leading multinational company has been successfully engaged in professional education and certification in the field of information technology and modern business. It also operates successfully in Banja Luka, where there are three educational institutions: ITAcademy – a profitable IT career, BusinessAcademy – empowered by the Cambridge International Examination Department and ITEP – High School for Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Gift course ITAcademy – Web design
Master your favorite web designer course!

Quickly and easily master the most popular web design course. The course deals with terms related to the Dreamweaver Adobe tool, in the CC version, but the focus is also on the basics of HTML as well as CSS. During the course, new approaches and the use of HTML and CSS languages are being studied when it comes to the functionalities needed today, as well as in the coming years. This online course is the right choice if you want to be serious about web design. The duration of the online course is two months.

Gift Course: BusinessAcademy – Internet Marketing
The future of marketing is on the Internet! Master the Skills for Successful Internet Marketing Managers!

This course identifies the marketing strategies that companies can use when presenting on the Internet. Course defines way in which image and identity are created, the way in which it approaches target groups, customers and achieves the desired goals. Course defines terms of direct marketing, contextual marketing, paid advertising, internet shops, and the principles on which a site should be created. At the end of the course, there will be presented future trends and further development of this kind of presentation. The duration of the online course is two months.

For information on gift activations, visit the LINK group promo zone at the Play Media Day 03 event, while more information about the courses is available at: and

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