Play Media Day 02 surpassed expectations of visitors

The regional communication event Play Media Day 02 fulfilled the expectations of around 500 participants, but also lecturers and panelists who exchanged knowledge and gained new acquaintances in Banja Luka. The opinions are that Banja Luka lacked exactly this kind of event, which in the coming years will provide the opportunity for participants to quality education, but also good fun. Sunny day has helped visitors to enjoy in additional amenities, around the conference space itself. The three conference halls – Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter, high quality lecturers and the topics they presented, were the reason for discussion during the breaks, with refreshments in the Venus zone on the unique fortress Kastel.

The future agency will be a quality blend of media and agencies. The media first completed the digitization process, while other industries will do so. Digital media offer vast amounts of space, and this classical offer and demand is no longer working, lecturers have said. New generations are less consuming traditional media, they almost do not watch television, while YouTube influencers are the new Beatles. Transformation of the media is a consequence of the change of economic and industrial relations. The media we know will disappear, and therefore the advertising we use today. This was the conclusion of the lecturers who were part of digital agencies from the region, while representatives of traditional media had a different opinion.

In the media panel entitled “The survival of traditional media in the digital future”, reputable journalistic names from all over the region have presented a number of ideas for progress and upgrading in the segment of printed editions, radio and television. Editor-in-chief of “Oslobodjenje” Vildana Selimbegovic and editor-in-chief of the magazine “NIN” Milan Ćulibrk are convinced that the press will survive the current technological revolution with the remark that only good newspapers will survive. Maja Rakovic, owner of Naxi radio and Adnan Osmanagic, founder and director of RSG radio, emphasized that radio as a medium quickly adjusted and used the Internet as its great advantage. An editor and a journalist at the Croatian RTL television Mirjana Hrga, Director of Alternative Television from Banja Luka Nataša Tešanović and legendary journalist Goran Milic spoke on the situation on commercial and public television. They emphasized that it is crucial that television offers quality journalism and recognizable TV faces to which audiences believe.

In addition to education, Party zone on fortress Kastel, provided great party which attracted over a thousand visitors who enjoyed the performances of “Laka with the band”, band “Sopot”, while “Shivoos” and “Miloš Stankić” additionally made the visitors dance.

Participants of the adventure called “Adrenaline Play Media Day”, spent Saturday sharing ideas and socializing in nature. They were very brave, and some were free from fear of height. The first location meant climbing to the waterfalls of Švrakave, which are truly an impressive and ideal place for photography. A smiling team led by the professional guides of the Mountaineering Club Kozara, then overcome the climb through the forest and enjoyed the charms of the most beautiful viewpoint at 360 meters above sea level, the view of the Vrbas canyon, which really takes a breath away. The final destination was an impressive ethno village of Ljubačka Valley with over 5,000 exhibits, where the participants, organizers and guides of PD Kozara rounded up the adrenaline adventure by lunch with local traditional dishes.

A regional communication event Play Media Day 02 offered quality education, created new friendships, collaborations, experiences and memories that are remembered for a lifetime.

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