Sašo Dimitrievski:

Creativity in the digital era

Creativity in the time of increasing digitalization, artificial intelligence, algorithms, smartphones and other novelties is needed more than ever! Marketing Expert from the Pristop Group, Sašo Dimitrievski will explain, on Play Media Day 03, why creativity is more important than ever, and what this new creativity demands from us and where is it going.

He will reveal how the marketing agency or marketing sector of a particular company or institution is transformed, what new skills are created with creativity and how to achieve the best results in the best possible way. As part of his lecture, Sašo will present concrete examples through successful domestic and foreign campaigns that have used the maximum of these tools.

Sašo Dimitrievski is partner and Executive Board Member of Pristop Group. Pristop is one of the leading consultancy and communications companies in SE Europe. Headquartered in Slovenia, it has been a partner of key local and global companies as well as governmental, non-governmental and international organizations for over 20 years.
He has more than fifteen years of management consultancy experience in the fields of strategic marketing, service and product development, innovations, interactive marketing and integrated marketing communications.

He specializes in telecommunications (Cloud Services, Mobile Payment and other top content delivery platforms), IT, digital, media and electronics (TIME), interactive, multi-channel.
He is frequently invited to lecture and is the author of numerous expert articles, as well as an active board member of the Slovenian Marketing Association and other associations in the field of marketing and consulting.

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