“This venue is beautiful and I’m very excited to be here. I believe that events like this one are very important for the creative industry.”

„Education, networking and industry monitoring are reasons to visit Play Media Day“

“I think education is the most important thing for the development of the creative industry because it contributes most to development. Everyone should come to Play Media Day to listen to interesting lectures, socialize with the team and see Banja Luka.”

“In addition to a good program, every time there is a great energy!”

“BiH needs one such event that will be able to open certain topics in the short term, to position certain problems and to get people thinking about their future.”

„Innovation is going on here, and I see bright future for this part of Europe.“

“Thanks for the invitation, it was great! I hope the audience enjoyed it and that they learned something new!”

“Maybe you will get a good job opportunity here because someone will recognize your passions, and you may find the love of your life here, whether in business or in private sense, you choose.”

“I was surprised by the size of this event, as well as the level of organization that is very good.”

“I’m really thrilled, it’s my first time on Play Media Day, but my colleagues have made a positive impression on me before.”

“Everything is wonderful, I am delighted, it is very well organized! Events like this contribute a lot, because I found my job at another event similar to this one!”

“It’s very vibrant, I’m really thrilled by this environment, by this atmosphere full of people with lot of questions”

“I’m proud of this event and happy that it is held here, in Banjaluka. Wonderful people, great panelists… Perfect!”

“Everyone should come to Play Media Day to learn something new, meet new people and a new city!”

“I think this is a great, very entertaining and educational event that is very important for our city!”

“I give it 10! For Banjaluka as a place, and for energy, for which you must come to feel it! It’s pity to miss something like this!”

“I think that this is the manifestation which places us on map of digital events. The future lays in things like this!”

“Amazing energy, amazing things can be learned here! When the conference ends, you will bring home the body heat and adrenaline which will inspire you to use everything you learned here, and to improve your business.”

“Play Media Day is fantastic experience, excellent lecturers, genious creatives and I reccomend it to everyone absolutely, to visit it next year too!”

“Perfect organization, everything functionates well, all starts at right time! I’m looking forward to attend it next year too!”

“I’m impressed, because I love to travel to places which are different from New York, Paris, London… People are so polite and friendly!”

“I’m with Play Media Day since beginning, since it was held for the first time, and I’m already excited to see what will happen next year!”

“I think that Play Media Day is very useful for the people in PR and communications. I am delighted with energy, happy to be here and I hope I will come again!”

“I love to stay in Banjaluka. I participated in the panel last year. Thank you, Banjaluka!”

“I am delighted and honored with the cooperation. I hope that I will moderate the event again!”

“Excellent event and very pleasant people!”

“I am delighted by people, I feel very good and I am happy that I am here.”

“It’s very warm here in Banjaluka and we are feeling good. Very nice energy and it is so social and relaxed, with a lot of young people.”

“Organizers really have the guts to manage something like this in our country and region.”

“I really enjoyed in perfect hanging out!”

“I am so sorry that I missed last two Play Media Day events, but sure that I will attend the next one!”

“I consider this as something what our city really needs.”

“The most of all I love to meet my coleagues and to exchange new experiences.”

“I am so amazed and satisfied with the offer, program and the company.”

“This is one amazing concept which gathers bunch of people and supports everyone, so it should continue to live.”

“Banjaluka is beautiful, the conferention is organized at very high professional level. The smiling faces of visitors who learned something new, is the biggest compliment!”

“Events like this are important, among other things, because learning from the book and all old models is a thing of the past, while only relational experiences are what matters.”

“It’s very important to share experiences with experts from different parts of the world.”

“I think it’s very good that the event is held in Banja Luka, which is well positioned.”

“It is very important to have events where people from the market and from different regional markets get to know and share their experiences with each other.”

“I think these events are key to developing talents, because this industry is growing incredibly fast.”

“I’m glad that this kind of well-organized event has appeared in the region.”

“This has been an amazing event. Organization and knowledge is surprising.”

“Innovation always happens when applying a model of thinking from one industry to another, so places where you can hear people from another industry are always good.”

“I’m glad to see the guys from the region and share experiences.”

“Every conference is also a kind of networking.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled with organization of the event, without any exaggeration.”

“Great thing for Banjaluka city, an event like this was not seen in this city.”

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