“Events like this are important, among other things, because learning from the book and all old models is a thing of the past, while only relational experiences are what matters.”

“It’s very important to share experiences with experts from different parts of the world.”

“I think it’s very good that the event is held in Banja Luka, which is well positioned.”

“It is very important to have events where people from the market and from different regional markets get to know and share their experiences with each other.”

“I think these events are key to developing talents, because this industry is growing incredibly fast.”

“I’m glad that this kind of well-organized event has appeared in the region.”

“This has been an amazing event. Organization and knowledge is surprising.”

“Innovation always happens when applying a model of thinking from one industry to another, so places where you can hear people from another industry are always good.”

“I’m glad to see the guys from the region and share experiences.”

“Every conference is also a kind of networking.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled with organization of the event, without any exaggeration.”

“Great thing for Banjaluka city, an event like this was not seen in this city.”

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