Tijana Tamburic: I’m always on board with authentic story telling

and using proper narratives in ads

She is on the Forbes “30 under 30” list of the most successful young people in the world and she is coming to this year’s Play Media Day!

Tijana Tamburic is 27-year-old girl born in Belgrade but raised in London, where she now lives with regular intervals of globetrotting.
She is the co-founder of London-based creative agency Female Narratives, that connects brands with real women and real stories. She is a creative director, producer and community builder but above all she is a storyteller. She tells stories across different mediums and in innovative ways with the goal to help, inform and create purposeful change.
And she is coming to this year’s Play Media Day! We spoke with Tijana about her career, ideas, projects, social media and current trends in creative industry.

You are the part of Forbes 30 Under 30 list. How do you feel about it?
Haha I don’t feel too different! It came as a surprise, you learn you’re on the list the same day the public does so I was totally unprepared to share the news as I was in the middle of filming. The new 2020 list is out very soon and I look forward to seeing who’s on it. It’s a nice recognition of the work you’re doing, so the work doesn’t stop – it only intensifies.

Can you tell us more about Female Narratives?
FN is an all-female creative agency founded be my and Franziska Klein to tell stories for brands using real women. But the interesting thing is that we operate using a collective of freelance women who all have different skills; from directors to poems to mountaineers to DJs.
Together we are have created a community in London and beyond, and all support each other in different ways.

How we can use social media to create positive social change in the real world?
I believe anyone with a large social media presence has an obligation to spread some kind of positive, beneficial message. I also believe that the era of the ‘influencer’ as in fashion/model/lifestyle blogger is coming to an end the next generation of activists is stepping forward – which is much more interesting to me.
These people can be held accountable for their actions in the real world and many of them create IRL community – like Greta Thunberg and her “Friday’s For Future” moment, but also people with a much smaller following doing incredible things.
We work hard to make sure our community exists tangible, rather than just on social media, by creating lots of events throughout the year that people can attend and meet new people at face-to-face.

What motivates you to do your best on a job?
That I have a story to do justice for that isn’t mine, but speaks for and to many people. I feel a responsibility to make people feel heard and seen in the best way possible.
We are also often doing things and exploring territory that hasn’t been tried before so I have to lead by example and prove that my story will work.
Everything we do is also collaborative, so I want to make my team have the best possible experience and love the final project as much as I do.

What can people expect from you on Play Media Day 05 Conference?
I will speak about my journey; as a Serbian woman raised by an incredibly masculine Serbian woman and how if you’d like me 5 years ago that I would start an all female company I would have said you were crazy because literally all my friends were boys. I hated girls.
I will speak about how I learnt the power of femininity in business.

What are current trends in creative industry?
I don’t know if it’s a trend but I’m on board with companies that support a cause beyond a flagpole moment. For example, when it’s Gay Pride in London a lot of companies suddenly become LGTB supporters and give money to charities, one off. I’m interested in the brands that find ways to create authentic engagement with communities and projects and actively work on ways to make that support stretch beyond that day, and go well on into the future.
I’m always on board with authentic story telling and using proper narratives in ads.
I’m loving the fusion of technology – gamifying experiences or using VR/AR or mixed media in a campaign. Prada did a great very simple one for their last Spring campaign with videos playing inside videos. I love campaigns that think outside the box and use assets or communities in ways that have never been used before – Prada in that same campaign used local flowers shops in cities all over the world and used their campaign images as wrapping paper for flower bouquets. That was their advertising.

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