Mirza Mustafagić

Mirza Mustafagić

Mirza Mustafagić

Ceo and Founder | PR2M Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mirza Mustafagić is a young lawyer and influencer who is currently enrolled in Master Studies in the field of State and International Public Law on the topic of social networks and rights.

Additionally, in 2018, Mirza founded his own PR2M Agency, which deals with digital marketing. Mirza has been working with social media for over 10 years and is the first person to launch a digital marketing agency in the area of Northeast Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mirza is also active on his profiles on Instagram and Youtube and is trying every day to show his positive attitude to life and people, sending important messages to young people about how important it is to work on yourself and to be yourself.

Through his influential experience he collaborated with some of the leading companies and H&M has just chosen him as the only male influencer in the campaign to open their first branch in Bosnia Herzegovina. In 2018 he was elected by the SNL magazine as the most influential person on social networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Panel description at Play Media Day 04:

Influencers: from occupation to new media

Is “influencing” a serious business? These people are already replacing traditional media, but is it actually their ambition to become famous? Answers to these questions, as well as whether it is profitable to be influential at all, and what advice will influencers ave for the brands, you will have the opportunity to hear at the panel “Influencers: From Occupation to New Media”.