More than 30 world, regional and

local experts in one place!

The regional communication event Play Media Day 03 presents over 30 world, regional and local lecturers and panelists, who will be part of the program on June 8th at the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS in Banja Luka. Three conference rooms, a multitude of relaxation and entertainment areas, over thirty media partners from the whole region, as well as more than 500 domestic and regional visitors, will turn Banja Luka into the creative center of the region for one day.

This year’s event brings together representatives of local and regional companies, agencies, media companies, students and creators in one place. Organizers point out that for all visitors, the presence on this event, in addition to education, will also be an opportunity to meet high-quality experts in the field of marketing, media and creative industries, as well as to realize new cooperation and start some new interesting business projects.

Program Director of Play Media Day and creative director of Play Team, Dijana Tepšić points out that the program was carefully planned this year, and that the topics cover interests of as many visitors as possible.

Bearing in mind that different lectures, panels and workshops are taking place in parallel, and we have three conference rooms within the Museum, we are sure that each of the participants will find interesting content that will upgrade their knowledge in the areas in which it operates. This year we have expanded the number of topics that are currently attracting attention worldwide, such as the gaming industry, Start Up, Stress Management and unavoidable blockchain. This event is an ideal opportunity for acquiring new knowledge, skills, sharing experiences and best practices, networking and improving cooperation. Play Media Day is yearning year by year for an increasing number of domestic and regional visitors. We are talking about current topics and trends in the field of communications, PR, marketing, traditional and digital media, design, IT, as well as other very important topics in the field of creative industry,” said Dijana Tepšić.

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A unique mix of education and entertainment in one place! Communication is limitless!