The first Play Media Day was held on April 27, 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS in Banja Luka. The regional communication event gathered around 100 participants from the world of marketing, PR, creative sectors of the companies as well as the media, offering a wealth of quality content.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn interesting and useful information that will help them improve their business knowledge and skills. Topics featured at the one-day event are: “Digital Trends”, “Entertainment 360”, “Weekend in Numbers”, “Anywhere, Digital Everywhere”, “Who Sits at the Table”, “From the Pursuit for identity to London”.

The biggest and most accomplished experts in these fields selflessly shared with attendees their multiannual experience, but also pointed out that trends in the field of digital media, PR and the creative industry are changing very fast. For all those eager for new knowledge and ideas, Play Media Day was the perfect opportunity to share knowledge, skills, experiences and best practice.

The first event like this in Banja Luka was a great foundation for positioning Banja Luka, as one of the centers of creative industry in the region. Many positive comments from participants were perfect base for thepreparation of the next Play Media Day 02 regional communication event.

SPEAKERS - PLAY MEDIA DAY 01 - 27.04.2016

Boris Kovaček
Nikola Vrdoljak
Tomo Ricov
Saša Đorđević
Marko Feher Potkozarac
Igor Todorovac


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